DogTag Puppy Programs

Our unique Puppy Programs are designed to help you get a head start on your puppies socialisation and education. All classes are conducted in a safe, supportive and fun environment and are run by our Head Trainer and Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Lee Stone.

Our programs have been developed based on our years of experience running puppy and advanced puppy classes and supervising puppy playgroups. We understand how important it is for our clients to ensure their puppies physical and emotional well being throughout their early development.


Why attend puppy classes?

The first 16 weeks of a young dogs life are some of the most critical weeks in their development. At this age you have the opportunity to easily mould and shape their behaviour. During this time you can build fantastic habits, great default behaviours and ensure that they grow up behaviourally happy and healthy!

Additionally it is important for you to spend time bonding with your new puppy, puppy class is a great way to develop a relationship with your dog based on mutual trust, respect and fun!

Why choose DogTag Dog Training?

We believe that Every Puppy deserves an education and that we can make a difference in more lives by providing the puppies of Hedland with a safe, secure learning environment and knowledgeable advice from a certified professional trainer.


Unfortunately there is a lot of unhelpful, sometimes dangerous misinformation provided by well meaning parties, we help to clear any misconceptions up and ensure you are getting the best and most current information.

We also feel that by preparing potential or very new puppy parents as early as possible that we can help prevent some of the most common behavioural issues or misconceptions that land puppies and dogs in shelters and rescues. We aim to keep puppies and dogs in their first home, Forever!

Essential Puppy Program

1 x Enrollment - Puppy Primer class

1 x Private In Home Lesson
1 x Long Lead

6 months ongoing phone and email support

Cost: $300.00

Perfect Puppy Program

1 x Enrollment - Puppy Primer class

2 x Private Lessons 
1 x Long Lead, 1 x Clicker

Priority Enrollments (You get first choice)

12 months ongoing phone and email support

Cost: $500.00

Ultimate Puppy Program

1 x Enrollment - Puppy Primer class

1 x 8 week Canine LifeSkills 2.0 enrollment 

3 x Private Lessons (used anytime)

1 x Long Lead, 1 x Clicker

Priority Enrollments (You get first choice)

Lifetime phone and email support
Discounts off future course enrollments

Cost: $700.00

PROGRAM no longer available

DogTag Puppy Primer Class

This 6 week puppy course is ideal for puppies aged between 8-18 weeks. Class sizes are small to allow for individual attention. This course is designed to set your puppy up with a basic foundation in learning & training and prevent future problems. To get the full benefits of the course, practicing at home during the week is vital.

Avoiding common problems such as jumping up, barking, attention-seeking, hyperactivity, biting, toilet training and digging are addressed throughout the course.

During this class we will prepare you and your puppy for the real world! 

Learn how to teach your puppy practical behaviours such as sit, drop, loose lead walking, leave it, mat/station, recall and much more. We will also teach you how to apply this training to real life situations such as visits to the vet, when having visitors over to your home, going out and about with your puppy to parks/beaches, when out walking your puppy, at cafes and shops, when out camping etc. 

The activities we set up to help you and your puppy practice will also provide your puppy with much needed socialisation opportunities during their critical stage. 

We know based on the current science that this early puppy phase is the very best time to provide your puppy with appropriate socialisation and guidance. Our classes are set up to take advantage of this critical stage and help you raise a behaviourally healthy, happy dog! 

Our Puppy Primer classes are run by our Certified Professional Dog Trainer. 







The cost of this 6 Week Class is $220.00 including GST

You must pay a $50 deposit upon registration to secure your position in the class. Full payment is due the day you attend your first session. 


Enrollments begin either on the day you attend your first in person session OR two weeks from the date you are sent the Orientation email - whichever comes first. Please keep this in mind when enrolling.

Or Enroll in one of our Puppy Programs outlined at the top of this page to get access to your 6 Week Puppy Primer Class + extras such as private lessons or LifeSkills classes. 



All clients enrolled in Puppy Primer at the time of any class postponements will have the appropriate amount of weeks added to the end of their enrollment. 

**NEW** Now offered as a OPEN ENROLLMENT! This means you won't miss out on class during your puppy's critical period waiting on a new course to start. No need to wait! Enroll your puppy now and get started as soon as possible.


Can't make the same day/time each week? No problem! We now offer 2 sessions with the same content each week and you can pick and choose which day/time you attend each week throughout your 6 week enrollment

Sessions times (starting March 20th 2018): 
Tuesday at 7:30pm

Thursday at 6:15pm 


A class orientation email will be sent out upon enrollment, this needs to be completed prior to your first in person session. 

FREE Puppy Parenting 101

DogTag Dog Training in conjunction with Hedland K9 Care and South Hedland Vet Hospital are very pleased to present our 2 hour **FREE** Puppy Parenting 101 class!

This FREE 2 hour class is designed to help you get a head start with your puppy. It is conducted in a safe, supportive and fun environment and is run by our certified trainer, Lee Stone as well as a veterinarian and professional groomer. This program is FREE to ALL new puppy parents with puppies under 14 weeks of age. Don’t have a puppy yet? Even better! Come along and learn how to get your puppy started right from the moment they arrive in your home.

No charge and no strings attached.

**Puppy Parenting 101 DOES NOT take the place of Puppy Class but is rather designed as a prequel to Puppy Class.**

In these information packed sessions we cover the following important topics:-

  • Socialisation

  • Toilet / House training

  • Puppy Biting / Kids + Puppies

  • Home Alone / Boredom Prevention

  • Dog Play / Body Language

  • Grooming / Handling

  • Puppy Health

Don’t Have a Puppy Yet? Join us for this class and not only will you have the best information to start your new puppy off right from their first moments at home but we can also help you choose the right puppy for your family!

Our FREE Puppy Parenting 101 classes are one Monday night of every month at the South Hedland Vet Hospital at 14 Hedditch St, South Hedland starting at 7:00pm and running for 1.5 - 2 hours.

Due to the length and information included in the class puppies need to be left at home for these sessions. This class is designed not to train your puppy but rather to provide you with the knowledge you need to set your puppy up for success as early as possible. 


Puppy Kickstarter - Private Sessions

We know that not everyone can make it to group sessions or may not be comfortable attending a group class with their puppy prior to full vaccination. For this reason we also provide a private in-home training service to help you get your puppy started off on the right paw. 

Our Puppy Kickstarter Sessions are conducted in your own home at a time and date that is most suitable for you and your families needs. This can also allow your children and other family members to attend to ensure everyone is on the same page! 

Each Puppy Kickstarter session goes for 60 minutes. You can book between 1 and 3 sessions - although we recommend 3 sessions to ensure you get all of the important information that is usually included in our Puppy Primer Classes. 

Session One covers: Canine Learning + Communication, Marker Training, Attention, Sit/Drop and 'Leave It'.

Session Two covers: Food Manners, Teaching 'Give', 'Mat Training' and beginner Loose Lead Walking. 

Session Three covers: Advanced Loose Lead Walking, teaching 'Stay/Wait' and beginners 'Come when called'.
**Session curriculums are set and can not be changed**

In these sessions we will also cover how to prevent and manage common problems such as jumping up, barking, chewing and toilet training. We will also discuss and develop a socialisation plan for your puppy to ensure they are receiving the right ongoing positive exposure for them. 

All of our Puppy Kickstarter Sessions are run by our Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Lee Stone. 

The cost of our Puppy Kickstarter sessions are as follows: 
$125.00 - Puppy Kickstarter - 1 session program
$230.00 - Puppy Kickstarter - 2 session program

$325.00 - Puppy Kickstarter - 3 session program
$570.00 - Puppy Kickstarter - 3 session program + 8 Week Canine LifeSkills Enrollment - No longer Available

You must pay an appropriate deposit upon booking to secure your appointment time. Deposit amounts vary dependent on the package and will be listed at the time of enrollment. 

The remainder of your Program fees are due at the beginning of your first session.