"When we adopted our Amstaff from a local rescue, we didn't know what we were in for. With Lee's amazing guidance and advice, our little girl has grown into a relaxed, well socialized, friendly, confident dog who loves the world. No question was too silly or wrong. Lee always took the time to make sure our concerns were addressed no matter what the scenario and we couldn't be happier. To get your puppy started on the right path, I could not recommend anyone higher! Thanks again for all your help Lee, Lilly misses you."


      Ryan and Caireen with   

        Lilly the Amstaff

"The Hedland community is really lucky to have someone like Lee to help look after our dogs! She is a fantastic trainer and really makes a huge effort to work with families and their animals to create a plan right for everyone. As a local vet it is fantastic to have someone to work with when managing behaviour problems in our pets and a brilliant person to recommend for puppy preschools!"

     Dr Charlotte Krisanksi

     Veterinarian, Pets + Vets 

What our clients AND other professionals say...


"Thank you so much Lee for all the work you did with our Aussie Bulldog Hank. You've done an amazing job and have taught us a lot. Just when we were starting to think that we couldn't get around his stubborn Bulldog ways we've started seeing massive improvements since working with you. Lee has been so accomodating and has gone out of her way to work around a busy schedule of us suddenly having to move house. Highly recommended Lee."

      Janelle, Grant and Family with       Hank the Aussie Bulldog! 

"It's extremely reassuring when you come across a dog trainer who's passion can be felt within minutes of being in her presence. Lee is amazing and there is not a bad word that could be said about the work she does!"

     Remi and Michael with           Rambo the Rottie! 

"Lee is Awesome, I wasn't expecting at all for the training to be so great. No matter what level your dog is at Lee can cater to it. My dog absolutely loved the classes and we are using the tools and training everyday since finishing our first round. I would highly recommend to anyone with a new dog and or old dog!"


       Pia with   

        Frankie the Australian    


"I met Lee in Port Hedland through our respective businesses. After attending her adult dog class I was impressed by her positive methods and commitment to strengthening the bond between owner and dog. This gave me to confidence to recommend her to many of our grooming clients. I was honoured when she developed a puppy parenting session, asking myself, as a groomer and a local vet to co present the program aimed at giving new puppies the best possible start with their families. From these sessions and many other conversations with Lee I have learnt a great deal about dog language and behaviour which in turn has made me a better groomer. If you value your dog and want to know how to make the most of the time you get with your dog I highly recommend you to contact Lee."

     Angi Tippett, The K9 Shed
      Professional Groomer