Puppy Services

The first 16 weeks of a young dogs life are some of the most critical weeks in their development. We know based on the current science that this early puppy phase is the very best time to provide your puppy with appropriate socialisation and guidance.  During this time you can build fantastic habits, great default behaviours and ensure that they grow up behaviourally happy and healthy!


Additionally it is important for you to spend time bonding with your new puppy. We will show you how to use training, play and enrichment to develop a relationship with your dog based on mutual trust, respect and fun! 

Our services have been developed based on our years of experience running puppy/advanced puppy classes, puppy private sessions and supervising puppy playgroups. We understand how important it is for our clients to ensure their puppy's physical and emotional well being throughout their early development.

We believe that Every Puppy deserves an education and that we can make a difference in more lives by providing our new puppy parents with solid, science based information and knowledgeable advice from a certified professional trainer.


Unfortunately there is a lot of unhelpful, sometimes dangerous misinformation provided by well meaning parties, we help to clear up any misconceptions and ensure you are getting the best and most current information.

We also feel that by preparing potential or very new puppy parents as early as possible that we can help prevent some of the most common behavioural issues or misconceptions that land puppies and dogs in shelters and rescues. We aim to keep puppies and dogs in their first home, Forever!

We have a variety of services available to new puppy parents with more in the works! All of our services are run by our Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Lee. 

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We know that not everyone can make it to group sessions or may not be comfortable attending a group class with their puppy prior to full vaccination. For this reason we provide a private in-home training service to help you get your puppy started off on the right paw. 

Our Kinder-Puppy Sessions are conducted in your own home at a time and date that is most suitable for you and your families needs. This can also allow your children and other family members to attend to ensure everyone is on the same page! 

In these sessions we will cover essential foundation behaviours, puppy enrichment, how to prevent and manage common problems such as jumping up, barking, chewing and toilet training. We will also discuss and develop a socialisation plan for your puppy to ensure they are receiving the right ongoing positive exposure for them.  

Each Kinder-Puppy session goes for 60 minutes. 

The cost of our Kinder-Puppy sessions are as follows: 
$135.00 - Once Off Session
$250.00 - 2 Session Package

$370.00 - 3 session Package (recommended)

You must pay a deposit upon booking to secure your appointment time. Deposit amounts vary dependent on the package and will be listed on your invoice.

The remainder of your fees are due at the beginning of your first session. 




Unfortunately life doesn't stop when we bring a new puppy home (oh how we wish it could). During this critical period having an experienced set of hands to come out and visit your puppy can make the world of difference to you and them.

Our Empowered Puppy visits go for 45 minutes and incorporate play, enrichment, socialisation and training activities. This means while you work we are helping to ensure your puppy grows up to be a well behaved, mentally healthy member of your family! 


This service also helps to break up your puppies day, allows them an opportunity to toilet (important for toilet training!), works off some of that extra energy and helps to prevent problems such as boredom barking, crying, inappropriate toileting, destructive behaviour or separation anxiety from arising. This way when you get home you can focus on just enjoying some down time with them!


Once off socialisation visits are $45, a travel fee is payable for clients more than 40kms from our office.

Empowered Puppy visits can be booked as a once off or in a package of visits (recommended). Visits can be once a day, once a week or multiple times a week and are available up until your puppy is 16 weeks old.  

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