Group Training Services

Group dog training classes are a great way to teach your dog manners, basic obedience, train a variety of useful cues and build confidence! They give you an opportunity to learn with your dog in the type of environment you are most likely to need them to be engaged and responsive; around other people and dogs. 

Spending time training your dog will build a lasting foundation for a rewarding, lifelong relationship. Animal Haus can help you acquire the knowledge and skills to train your dog to become a confident, happy and well behaved companion.

Training also provides a great opportunity to bond with your dog, to learn how to motivate them and is an excellent source of mental stimulation - an essential outlet for their energy.

Training should be fun so at Animal Haus we use positive reinforcement methods. Reinforcement based training is effective and easy to follow. Our training is based on the sound scientific principles of learning theory. You and your dog will learn in a supportive, nurturing environment through the use of games and enjoyable exercises!

We have a variety of group classes available to cater for dogs of all ages, with more in the works! All of our group classes are run by our Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Lee. 

All of our group classes are currently held in Morayfield at the Morayfield Community Hall in the Supper Room and adjoining outdoor area. We have nearly 300sqm of space for classes! Plenty of room for all of the dogs and activities. 

Our classes are limited to just 6 dogs per class to ensure our instructor can give you and your dog plenty of personalised assistance. 


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Puppy Preschool

This 6 week puppy course is ideal for puppies aged up to 16 weeks (at class start date). This course is designed to set you and your puppy up for a successful future together!

During this class we will prepare you and your puppy for the challenges of real life. 

Learn how to teach your puppy practical behaviours such as attention, sit, lie down, leave it, give/out, settle on a mat and more! We will also teach you how to apply this training to real life situations such as visits to the vet, when having visitors over to your home, going out and about with your puppy to parks/beaches etc. You will also learn all about enrichment and socialisation and how to apply these to help prevent or modify problem behaviours. 

We will also provide you puppy friendly solutions to preventing issues such as biting, jumping up, excessive vocalisations, resource guarding and destructive behaviour. 

The activities we set up to help you and your puppy practice will also provide your puppy with much needed socialisation opportunities during their critical sensitive phase. 

We know based on the current science that this early puppy phase is the very best time to provide your puppy with appropriate socialisation and guidance. Our classes are set up to take advantage of this critical stage and help you raise a behaviourally healthy, happy dog! 

Our classes are designed around games which will make the training easy and fun for both you and your puppy!

Our Puppy Preschool classes are held at a private venue, indoors on a vinyl floor and all puppies attending must be up to date with vaccinations. This allows us to safely cater to puppies prior to the completion of their puppy vaccinations schedule. 

The cost of our Puppy Preschool course is $220.00. 



Canine LifeSkills Class

This unique group class is ideal for dogs 16 weeks and older and caters to dogs and handlers of all experience, ages and breeds. No prior training knowledge is required.


This course is designed to provide you a solid foundation of behaviours to be used in the real world while fostering a relationship between you and your dog based on mutual communication and cooperation. 

Our Canine LifeSkills class uses proven training exercises and fun games to help you and your dog build rock solid, reliable behaviours even under high levels of distraction.

Learn how to teach your dog behaviours such as sit/down, attention, settle on mat, leave it, give/release, stay/wait, loose lead walking, recall and much more!  

Additionally this program will give you skills to solve or prevent common problems such as jumping up, chewing, excessive vocalisations, hyperactivity and digging. 

Learn all about enrichment and how this can be applied to your dogs day to day routine to increase quality of life and prevent problem behaviours! We will also show you how to identify and utilise life rewards in your everyday training with your dog. 

An added benefit of attending a group class with your dog is training them to respond reliably around other dogs and people in a safe, controlled environment. 

This program develops a strong, working relationship between you and your dog, a dog who is a willing partner, eager to learn, and happy to work.

**This class is not suitable for dogs who react poorly to other dogs or people (lunging, excessive barking/vocalising), if this sounds like your dog please contact us about private lessons.**

The cost of this 6 week class is $235.00.