Private Training

Why Private Training?

There are a number of reasons you may choose to go with Private Training. This can include having a puppy who is not yet fully vaccinated, time constraints that do not allow you to attend group class, your dog may not be suitable to a Group Class environment for a variety of reasons including aggression, fear, nervousness, over excitement or anxiety, or you may need a more specialised training plan then is provided during in group classes.

Without a proper education and plenty of physical and mental enrichment your dog can quickly develop behavioural issues that may seriously effect you and your dogs quality of life.

To be able to function properly dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments require clear, consistent boundaries, good communication, physical exercise, mental enrichment, good healthcare and quality nutrition. 

At Animal Haus Behaviour and Training we have proven track record of assisting our clients with a variety of behaviour problems by helping them better understand the underlying causes and guiding them to make the changes necessary to provide long lasting results. Check out our testimonials page to see what our past clients have to say.

We offer Private Lessons tailored to suit our clients varying needs and requirements. 

Each of our Private Training programs can be customised to combine both 1 on 1 Coaching (our trainer coaching YOU) and Day Training (our trainer working directly with your dog) to ensure you and your dog get the most value out of our training programs.

Why do we include day training as an option in our programs? This gives us the opportunity to teach your dog all of the behaviours and skills required to achieve your goals and then transfer these skills to you via coaching sessions where our trainer shows you what your dog has been taught and how to use it. This is also great for clients who are time poor or who aren’t very confident at handling their dog yet. We want you to be able to take advantage of our many years of professional , hands on experience, day training provides this! 

Private Training is booked in programs, suitable for clients who just need some help with basic obedience or minor behaviour issues right up to programs for dogs with complicated behavioural issues including serious aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, reactivity and more.


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Our Private Training Services

Obedience / Manners

Some issues are what we refer to as 'basic' training issues, we can help you address these problems, they may include but are not limited to:-

  • New puppy foundations

  • Leash pulling

  • Not coming when called

  • Impolite greetings

  • Boredom Barking

  • Digging and destruction

  • Food Manners

  • Doorway Manners

  • General Obedience Cues

  • Toileting Issues

  • Preparing for a baby

  • New dog introductions

  • New animal introductions


Cost and Process

All of our private training programs start with a 90 minute Intake Consult. This is where our Behaviour Specialist will clarify with you information provided to us in your behaviour history form, she will observe your dogs, you will discuss your goals for your dog, we will begin designing a customized training plan, decide which of our Private Training programs is appropriate for you moving forward and set in place some environmental management to ensure the success of the behaviour modification and where time allows we will begin some basic foundation exercises.
The cost of the Intake Consult is $210.00, written training plans / instructions are not included in this price but can be added for a further $65.00.


During our Intake Consultation we will discuss an ongoing customised training program for you and your dog. These programs include ongoing follow up consultations, equipment, access to other services and much more. 

All Intake Consults are conducted in your home, where your dog is most comfortable, this gives us the opportunity to assess your dog in their everyday environment, depending on the issues being addressed we may also go out for a short walk, drive or other outing with you and your dog to observe their behaviour. 

During our Program we will then aim to work with you and your dog in a variety of circumstances to ensure you are getting the most out of the private training and getting experience in real life situations. 


Make a Booking

Private Training Intake Consults can be booked via our online booking system (please choose the appropriate service ie: Bubble Dog, Puppy Kickstarter, 2 x dogs etc). Please click the button below to be taken to our calendar. Please follow the on screen instructions to book your appointment. Payment for the Intake Consult is due immediately to secure your booking date and time

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