Pet Cyclone Prep!

It is that time of the year again in Port Hedland, Cyclone season! Although the last 3 seasons we haven’t had a cyclone it is important to always be prepared. Current forecasts are showing the strong potential for a cyclone sometime between Christmas and New Years this year.

For many who live in cyclone prone areas it is common to have a Emergency kit ready for our families. But do you have a kit and plan for your pets? You should have the following in a water proof container, in an easy access spot, ready to go:

· Pet First Aid Kit

· One week supply of non-perishable food

· Fresh Water

· Food/Water Bowls

· Extra collar and leash

· Medical Records

· Two Week Supply of any medications

· Crate or Sturdy carrier

· Mat/Blanket/Bedding

· Recent photos of your pets (in case you are separated)

· Microchip Numbers

· Toys and chews

· Disposable Litter trays (cats/rabbits)

· Litter / Newspaper

· Garbage bags for clean up

Other Considerations:

Emergency shelter - unfortunately in Port Hedland there are no current emergency shelters that accept pets. Therefore it is essential that you have an emergency evacuation option for them. This could be your veterinary clinic or a friend / family members house. Having a safe place to send your animal sorted out in advance can save precious time, avoids forcing you to leave your animal/s home alone and/or you risking your life to stay with them.

Identification - Ensure your pets have collars and tags on during an emergency, this way they can be easily reunited with you in the case you get separated. Pet sitters / House sitters - If you are away during this period it is important that you have a plan in place for your pets in the case of a cyclone. Ensure your pet/house sitter knows where your pet/s should be housed during a cyclone (laundry/bathroom areas are good places, they should NEVER be left outside) and where any emergency kits are located. Also ensure your yard is tidy and ready for a cyclone as it is likely your pet sitter will not have time to tidy up for you as they will be completing their own preparations with animals in their care.

Keeping up to date - It is important that you stay up to date so you know in advance if you may need to leave your property. We find the following websites/facebook pages handy sources of information in these events:

Stay Safe this Cyclone Season!

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