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Happy New Year!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients and readers a very Happy New Year! We hope that you and your family enjoyed and stayed safe over the holidays. Bring on 2018!

New Year - New Classes!

We are excited to announce that we have some new specialty classes set to launch in 2018! These classes will be 3-week mini classes covering a variety of topics including:

  • Recall / Come when Called

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Cafe Manners

  • Cooperative Vet Visits

  • Fun Unleashed (Off Leash control)

  • And more!

These fun, on locations sessions will be open to current and previous clients who have completed group or private training sessions with us. This is to ensure that each and every attendee gets the most out of these sessions! Mini classes will be held on weekends and will incorporate real life situations to give you hands on experience! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page and Website for further details! The Bubble Dog Project

Another new launch for DogTag Dog Training in 2018 is our 'Bubble Dog Project'. The project was born out of my passion for helping clients and their dogs with behaviours that fall under the banner of 'reactivity' - this includes dogs who lunge, bark, vocalise and/or become hyper focus, over aroused, over excited or otherwise 'emotionally reactive' in the presence of dogs, people, cars, bikes or other triggers.

My own personal journey into the dog training industry started with my own 'bubble dog', Keira. As a naive 19 yo when I bought her home I had no idea about raising a behaviourally healthy dog and so I made many mistakes! Those mistakes came to a head when Keira reached 18 months and began lunging and barking aggressively at other dogs. I sought the help of Danielle at Urban Dog Training in Brisbane and Danielle eventually become my mentor and boss. This kick started my career in dog training, but more importantly it gave me a strong desire to assist other dog owners in the same situation. So to help those of you out there with dogs who are 'reactive', 'grumpy', 'wild', 'over excited' or 'frustrated' around triggers I have put together a training program that is specifically designed to provide you and your dog the guidance needed to manage and overcome these behaviour issues - The Bubble Dog Project. Each 'Bubble Dog Project' enrollment includes:

A customised training and behaviour modification plan.

4 x One on One Coaching Sessions (I coach you!).

6 x Day Training Sessions (I take your dog out and work with them). 3 x once a month meet ups with other Bubble Dog Project clients.

6 x Walk and Train sessions (for use once private sessions have been completed). Equipment including a clicker and a long leash.

Lifetime Ongoing Phone and Email support.

Access to our Private 'Bubble Dogs' Facebook group.

Discounts off future group classes For full details on our Bubble Dog Project including cost, how to enroll and more please check out our website: https://www.dogtagdogtraining.com.au/the-bubble-dog-project

Fireworks Safety!

Australia Day is approaching fast and with it comes the annual fireworks at the Australia Day Celebration in South Hedland. Unfortunately many dogs (and other pets) find the sudden loud bangs and visuals frightening. This time of the year shelters are up to 7 times busier due to dogs escaping in fright. Dogs left outdoors often escape and run in a panic. This can lead to heat stress and injuries to paws and feet from running, not to mention the potential for your dog to get hit by a car and/or become so lost they never find their way home. Even if your pets have never shown any concern many dogs become noise phobic later in life. Don't risk it! Here are our tips to keep your dogs SAFE through fireworks:

  • Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise during the day.

  • Move your dog inside BEFORE fireworks start and give them a 'safe' space to chill out. This could be your laundry, bathroom, a closet etc.

  • Close all curtains and windows to block out as much sound, smell and sight as possible.

  • Give your dog something fun to do. A kong, frozen bone or other food toys are good options. If they aren’t eating engage them in a game they love.

  • Put some music or leave the tv on to help block out the sounds of the fireworks. Classical music or 'Through a Dogs Ear' are good options that are known to help calm dogs down.

  • If your dog enjoys/feels comforted by your touch a nice massage can be helpful. Reassuring your dog WILL NOT increase his or her fear. That is a myth!

  • Consider using DAP/Adaptil to help keep your dog calm. These pheromone based products should be ordered in advance online.

  • If your dog is known to panic please ask your vet about medication BEFORE the day of any fireworks.

  • Check your dogs microchip, council registration and tag have up to date details!

  • If you have a dog who is known to be fearful of loud sounds please stay at home with them.


For those of you who have added a puppy to your family this Christmas/New Years please don't forget we still have our Howlidays Special running until the 7th January which gives you 10% off any of our 'Puppy Programs'! Don't miss out on this great offer! More information on our Puppy Programs is available on our website here: https://www.dogtagdogtraining.com.au/puppy-services

Stay Safe, Have Fun and we hope to see you in classes soon! Woofs from the DogTag Team!

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