The Bubble Dog Project

an Animal Haus Initiative

The Bubble Dog Project is an extensive training and behaviour modification program designed specifically for clients with dogs who are traditionally considered 'emotionally reactive' and who need space to cope with the world around them. These are dogs that lunge, bark, vocalise, become hyper focused, over aroused, over excited or otherwise stressed in the presence of their triggers. Those triggers are most often other dogs, but in some cases include people, cars, bikes, scooters, particular noises - the list is potentially endless. 


We understand the frustration, stress and heart ache that our clients feel when dealing with their Bubble Dogs and we are passionate about helping you and your dog learn how to handle these triggers in an appropriate manner. Our passion stems from our own experience with a 'Bubble Dog' and means that we 100% empathise with you. 


The Bubble Dog Project provides our clients with the technical skills and knowledge to better understand and handle their reactive dog under a variety of circumstances and through the use of positive reinforcement training and proven behaviour modification techniques we will teach your dog the skills required to stay calm and focused even around their triggers. Our ultimate goal is to make your walks and outings with your dog fun and stress free. We believe that one of the most important aspects to working through reactivity issues with your dog is a supportive, friendly community. We help provide this to our Bubble Dog clients by bringing them together with other clients in the program via facebook groups and in person events. 


What does a Bubble Dog package include?

Each client enrolled in our Bubble Dog Project receives the following:-

  • A training and behaviour modification plan customised to you and your dog

  • 8 x Private Sessions (your choice of Coaching and Day Training)

  • Regular 'Human Only' Meet ups with other Bubble Dog Project clients for support.

  • 6 x Walk and Train sessions (for use once private sessions have been completed).

  • Equipment including but not limited to a clicker and a long leash.

  • Lifetime Ongoing Phone and Email support. 

  • Access to our Private Facebook groups. 

  • Access to our online Client Library.

  • Discounts off future services.

  • Access to exclusive Bubble Dog Project client only ADD-ON services! 

What Next?

What is the cost?

The cost of this unique program is $1595.00 which includes everything listed in the last slide but is not inclusive of the Intake Consult which will be charged for at the time of booking.

How do I know if my dog is a 'Bubble Dog'?

If you find yourself dreading or entirely avoiding walks/outings with your dog, maybe you walk in the middle of the night or have become adept at finding locations where no one else walks their dogs then it is highly likely you have a Bubble Dog! 

Still not sure? No problems, call or email us for an obligation free chat:

Phone: 0477 676 312

I am ready to get help for myself and my Bubble Dog! How do I book?

The Intake Consult booking and process is the same as for all of our Private Sessions and can be found on our website here

Bookings can be made by clicking the 'book now' button below and following our online calendar instructions to schedule a session.

Exclusive Bubble Dog Add-On Services

As the guardians of a Bubble Dog ourselves we know how hard it can be to find someone you can trust to provide services such as dog walking, day care, dog sitting, sports and classes. For this reason we have designed a series of extra curricula services that are specifically for our Bubble Dog clients, so that they too can access the same important services that other dog owners take for granted. You get the peace of mind that your dog is being cared for by a professional who knows them well and can ensure the hard work you are putting into their training and behaviour modification is not compromised.

Add-On Services currently include:

  • Walking / Adventure Outings

  • Enrichment Visits

  • In Your Home Pet Sitting

Services coming soon:

  • Day Care 

  • Nosework classes

  • Confidence Building Classes

  • Workshops/Seminars

  • Bubble Dog Group Walks

Scroll across to read all about these different services 


Since our consult, my dog has gone from extreme on-leash reactivity when seeing another dog (I mean, turning into a total nutcase) to looking at me for a treat when he sees another dog...! We've got plenty more work to do but I'm so excited by how much less stressful dog walks are and how much better my relationship with my dog is. Thanks Lee!


"Where to start .. we have a beautiful rescue who needed some work in lots of ways. Bailey has come a long way with help from Lee who is always very approachable and very knowledgeable in what she does .. Lee has a passion for her job and that shines through ... if you are in need of a dog trainer I would highly recommend Lee. We still have work to do but it is so much more enjoyable turning up to a session with Lee and the other friendly clients who are in the same position."


—  Miriam with Cole

What our clients say...

—  Julie with Bailey